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Weld Coxe, Founder Emeritus

Weld Coxe

Weld Coxe is emeritus founding principal of The Coxe Group.

The story begins in 1967 when Weld wrote a draft of a book titled, Marketing Architectural & Engineering Services. He asked various people in the design and architecture industries to read and comment on the book. It drew such interest, and subsequent questions and conversations, that Weld found himself immersed in consulting. As a result, the book was not published until 1971 — four years after its first writing.

In the mid '70s, Weld recruited additional talent in key areas such as finance, valuation and strategic planning, in order to meet the needs of a growing client base. In 1979, Coxe & Associates became The Coxe Group.

Mr. Coxe studied at Harvard College and became active in the design community in 1960. He is the author of Managing Architectural and Engineering Services (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1980) and Marketing Architectural and Engineering Services (Krieger Publishing, 2nd Edition, 1984), and co-author of Success Strategies for Design Professionals: SuperPositioning for Architectural and Engineering Firms Krieger Publishing, Reprint Edition, 1992).

Allan B. Drexler, PhD, Emeritus

Allan Drexler completed his doctoral program at Purdue University and holds degrees from Long Island and Pennsylvania State Universities.

Allan has been consulting in organization and management development since 1970. His book, Management Through Problem Solving Task Forces, is published by Addison Wesley. He is co-editor of a recently published book entitled The Emerging Practice of Organization Development.

Dr. Drexler is a professional lecturer in the American University / National Training Laboratory (NTL) Institute graduate program in human resources. As a consultant to The Coxe Group, he has worked with numerous design firms throughout the country, specializing in organizational development and in management of evolving organization structures.

Dr. Drexler lives in Rockbridge Baths, Virginia.

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