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June 2009

Webinar article

Ernie Burden, editor of Principal's Report, has written an article based on a Webinar on March 17, 2009, in which Peter Piven, a Principal in The Coxe Group, was a presenter on the subject of what firms can do to deal with the decline in revenue that they anticipated coming this year.  Peter tells how to position a firm for the economic upturn.

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May 2009

Quoted in May 2009 article

Hugh Hochberg, Principal in The Coxe Group, was quoted in a May 2009 ARCHITECT magazine article, "Owning It: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Employee Ownership".


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April 2009

Podcast Interviewee

Hugh Hochberg, a Principal in The Coxe Group, was the interviewee in a Podcast, with Joan Capelin of Capelin Communications as the interviewer.  Hugh talked about several things, including how a design firm can get traction during a recession, the prognosis for the new generation of professionals, whether design professionals should run design firms, the trend of title inflation for marketers, and whether and how a firm should take advantage of a recession to restructure itself.

Interview with Hugh Hochberg

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March 2009

AIA Webinar

Peter Piven, a Principal in The Coxe Group, presented an AIA Webinar titled "Positioning Your Firm for the End of the Economic Downturn".  Peter presented the results of an informal survey of more than 150 architects regarding how they were experiencing the downturn and what they had done or were doing to mitigate its effects.  He then suggested initiatives others could employ in various categories including redirecting marketing, organizational restructuring, reestablishing client relationships, and expanding strategic thinking.

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December 2008

Quoted in December 2008 article

Hugh Hochberg, a Principal in The Coxe Group, was quoted in a December 2008 article in MARKETER, and a book by Peter Piven, also a Principal of The Coxe Group, was referenced in the same article: "Resetting the Horizon Line:  The Ultimate Career Step by Marketing Professionals", by Joan Capelin.

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January 2008

Piven earns prestigious Thomas U. Walter Award from AIA – Philadelphia

The Coxe Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that Peter Piven, FAIA has been selected by AIA Philadelphia to receive the Thomas U. Walter Award "in recognition of his contributions to the architectural community through service to the American Institute of Architects and its initiatives." Mr. Piven also has been appointed to the Board of Directors of PennPraxis, Inc.

The Thomas U. Walter Award is presented annually to a current member of the architectural profession and recognizes the recipient's outstanding contributions to the architectural community through service to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other related professional organizations. It was created in celebration of the AIA's sesquicentennial anniversary and honors Thomas Ustick Walter, considered by many to have been the dean of American architecture.

PennPraxis, Inc. is a 501 C-3 corporation created by the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design (PennDesign). PennPraxis provides opportunities for student and faculty education and development, strengthens community ties, and provides service to the community. Students in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture, community development, and historic preservation work on projects for external clients under the direction of PennDesign faculty.

Mr. Piven has focused his career on management issues in the design professions and was elevated to Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects in 1981 for his contributions in management. He has held every executive office of the Philadelphia Chapter AIA, including President. At the Institute, he served on the Architects Economics and Compensation Task Force and on the Select Advisory Committee for Time-Databank. He was the Vice Chairman of the Personnel Practices Committee and founding Chairman of the Financial Management Committee that conceived and produced the financial concepts and instruments now widely used in the profession. Mr. Piven has served as Chairman of the AIA Ethics Council and the AIA Fellows Jury. He was the Philadelphia Chapter Chairman of the 1976 AIA Convention in Philadelphia and National Chairman of the 1993 AIA Convention/World Congress in Chicago.

Peter Piven, FAIA is the Philadelphia-based Principal Consultant of The Coxe Group, Inc., the oldest multi-discipline firm providing management and marketing consultation to design professionals. A founding principal of the firm, Mr. Piven has helped professionals in architecture, planning, engineering, landscape architecture, interior design and graphic design firms improve their practices in the areas of overall organization, strategic planning, valuation, ownership and leadership transition, marketing, project delivery, partnering, financial management, and merger/acquisition assistance.

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