Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

How do you avoid burnout? You have to choose to not burnout.

Hiring in the A/E market is tight. The work, however, keeps coming. So how do architects and engineers avoid burnout? Here are a few (again not exhaustive) ideas.

If everything is a priority then a) nothing will get done, and b) if you are good person, you may put other people/firm first. So you have to place yourself as the priority and manage time so you can perform your best.

* Look after yourself.
*Get 8 hours of sleep,
*drink less alcohol at night and less caffeine in the morning, &
*turn off the cell phone an hour or two before bed.

*Make a to do list every PM before you leave with the primary items being those that are both urgent and important.

* Work the list and nothing else the next day.

* Assume also you are going to work only 6 hours not 8, or 8 hours not 10 (have a cushion for “random things”).

* Only check your email a few times a day and close it all other times. Maybe review email at 8am, 11am and 3pm (and a check at 4.45pm to help with tomorrow’s list).

Bosses – don’t send evening and weekend emails, even if you don’t expect a response. It stresses your people out. If it’s too late to call then it’s too late to email.