Esteemed Global Business & Brand Marketing Strategy Consultancy Firm

We offer a breadth of business and marketing strategy consulting services for architecture, engineering, and construction industries, among others. Some clients have a specific needs. Others rely on us as partners for long-term management consulting in several areas of their business. What we know to be true is this: knowing the answer is not the answer – we must explore the options together and determine the best strategy for the situation.

Strategic Planning

Our business strategy consulting services:

  • Overall analysis and assessment of the firm
  • Assisting clients in defining vision and goals
  • Exploring strategies to achieve those goals
  • Deciding on the specific strategies to follow
  • Execution plan development
  • Implementation follow-up

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy consulting services:

  • Determining current external and internal perceptions of the firm
  • Assisting in defining the identity and client experience for which the leaders want the firm to be known
  • Identifying the changes necessary to achieve that identity and client experience
  • Shaping the communications and public relations strategy to elevate marketplace awareness consistently with the preferred identity and client expectations.

Internal Perception Studies

Our Internal Perception Studies Services:

  • Surveying (qualitative and quantitative) of staff within the organization and former employees (where required) with follow up interviews on a cross-section of the firm
  • Provision of a written report and in-person oral feedback
  • Planning assistance for actions associated with findings can be provided as needed

Retreat Facilitation

Our Retreat Facilitation Services include:

  • We collect and compile information to plan the retreat, and facilitation to guide and develop forward-looking plans.
  • Retreats may be business planning, contentious interventions, and communication strategy planning, among others.

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Deep industry expertise

The Coxe Group is not one or two consultants — but a group of 10-plus well -qualified and vastly experienced strategic and operations oriented strategy consultants in the field of architecture, construction and engineering who together bring more than 300 years of experience in strategic planning, organization management, financial management, marketing, personnel management, and behavioral science. Some of us are registered professionals in the fields we serve to provide consulting services for architecture, engineering, and construction industries among others.. Some of us have carried responsibilities as principals and managers.

Our richness comes from our diversity. And our strength comes from our collaboration. With such a broad base, we can address collectively all the issues surrounding a firm’s goals, plans, structure, people, and finances. When you work with The Coxe Group, you have access to this entire resource.

Today’s increasingly complex organizations need to be skillfully led and managed to endure. We are proud to be in the forefront of those who have responded to these leadership and management needs and advanced the state of the art.