Mergers and Acquisitions is Complex, and that is OK

Mergers and Acquisitions is Complex, and that is OK

Acquiring companies is a complex process, especially in #ACEC and #AIA markets.

The statistics for success are mediocre at best and atrocious at worst. So why do many deals fail? What are the secrets for those that succeed and exceed expectations? Simply VALUES and ALIGNMENT.

Whether selling for retirement purposes or for added growth options for the firm, the consistency of values alignment for successful mergers and acquisitions is one of the most important aspects.

To find the values of a firm the M&A consultant or internal group has to know the humans involved. Yes, finances, market presence, how work is won, and the intangible aspects of leadership are important. The revenue synergy is also critical in establishing how 1+1=>2. All of those aspects will lead to failure if you can’t retain the people who have made the acquired firm the success it is today.

Some argue culture is the key. Culture is important where you bring offices together in the same geography. It is less a focus with distance – values take priority. You can see this within a single multi office firm.

I love bringing together firms that fit well. It is a complex process, and one that done well can be satisfying for EVERYONE.

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