Why Training Project Delivery Efficiency Matters

Why Training Project Delivery Efficiency Matters

What strategic training The Coxe Group has been doing over the course of the lockdown? Mostly tools and tactics for efficiency related to project delivery.

Why is efficiency important? Let’s do the math. For an average week:

  • Three meetings in a week start 5 minutes late because someone is late. 15 minutes/person.
  • One meeting goes 15 minutes long because of poor meeting management. 15 minutes/person.
  • Emailing back and forth on three topics between two people takes 4 minutes per email. It takes 5 emails to resolve. There are three of these pieces of communication. 60 minutes/person.  A phone call would be 5 minutes per communication. 45 minutes of lost time/person.
  • Poor delegation causes work to take longer and require corrective action. 30 minutes per person.

Four common issues and a total of 95 minutes of one person’s time. For a US firm that equates to nearly 4.3% utilization lost in one week. Let’s assume that average week across a year.

For a 25 person firm, with an average bill rate across the firm of $120/hour, with a generous PTO policy of 5 weeks/year, that equates to $245,750 of lost revenue opportunity. Or for a firm of average profitability, firm nearly $37,012 of lost profit opportunity. That bottom line impact can be very important to a firm in times of uncertainty.

Solving this for clients has been a big focus! Cheers, The Coxe Group