Designing to Survive – The Washington Post Article

Designing to Survive – The Washington Post Article

From a strategy standpoint, the reliance on “basic services” and a delivery or service approach that doesn’t explore ideas with a client may not allow the ideas in this article to be successful.

Technology is changing the way projects are delivered, and provides a greater need in early design stages to explore solutions.  How firms approach client’s in the future and introduce ideas for design may need some additional resources than the traditional basic services as well as consideration of the strategic positioning of the firm. Architects will need many tools in their tool box that are simply not available in “basic services” assuming that they are aware of the tools at all. We return to the adage “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

The other aspect around this topic is the idea of value propositions, and being able to articulate the value proposition in terms that align with the firm strategy and the client’s mindset.

AIA Atlanta posted this from The WP Magazine. Here are a few quotes in case you don’t have time for the full article:

  • “[architects] imagine it, let’s figure out how to get there.”
  • “The profession is focused on being hired to solve problems…” Yantrasast says. “We can do all that very well… But we have not really been deep in our mission.”
  • “[Building are] machine[s] as [a] metaphor has been on the way out for a few decades now, but its replacement — the building as a living organism — has been slow to gain widespread acceptance.”
  • “I’ve come to believe that breathing and the access to clean air is a fundamental issue,” Murphy says. “Breathing is an architectural and spatial problem.”

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