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Hugh Hochberg

Recognized as a pioneering force in management consulting for professional service firms, Hugh Hochberg credits his success, at least in part, to a short attention span.

“I’m interested in a lot of different things. I like change – different people, different firms, different issues. That’s what makes consulting a good fit for me.”

Hugh recognized a passion for architecture and design at an early age. After earning a B.S. and a B.Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he started his own architecture and planning firm. During an economic downturn, he took the opportunity to go to graduate school – earning an MBA from Harvard. After the pomp and circumstance, he re-entered the design world in a management capacity.

After some time, Hugh left the structured office life in favor of consulting. He joined The Coxe Group in 1976, became a partner, and has never left.

In his 30-plus years of consulting, Hugh has helped more than 700 professional service firms organize and manage their practices and solve problems in virtually every area of professional practice.

In addition to his client work, Hugh and others at The Coxe Group continually immerse themselves in industry-related topics – always looking to uncover new insights and share knowledge.

“We’ve been doing this a long time, and we feel it’s important to report on what we observe. We write for ourselves as much as for our interest in furthering the profession, and adding value for our clients.”

Hugh has contributed to several publications including Progressive Architecture, Architecture, Design West, Oregon Architect, and Oregon Business. He is an author in the AIA Handbook of Professional Practice and a co-author of Success Strategies for Design Professionals (McGraw-Hill).

“I write about what’s happening now and speculate about what’s coming next. I’m personally very curious about what’s around the bend and working backwards to put strategies in place today, that help us get there.”

When he isn’t consulting or putting pen to paper, Hugh shares his knowledge with students and colleagues of the profession. He has lectured at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Cal Poly/Pomona, Wisconsin, Sydney, and Melbourne, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. And he has taught at Harvard, the University of Hong Kong, and the University of Washington.

Hugh has conducted seminars and spoken for a variety of organizations:

  • The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)
  • Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)
  • Professional Services Management Association (PSMA)
  • Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF)
  • Australian Consulting Engineers Council

Despite his dedication to his craft, Hugh loves the great outdoors. He likes to cycle, snow ski, and fly fish – all of which he does on a regular basis in the company of clients and colleagues, as often as his friends and family.

“I’m always learning from the people around me. Whether I’m in an academic setting, an office. or riding a chair lift. I’m just an inquisitive guy. It goes back to my short attention span.”

Hugh lives in Seattle.

Deep industry expertise

The Coxe Group consultants bring some 300 years of experience in organization management, financial management, marketing, personnel management, and behavioral science. Some of us are registered professionals in the fields we serve having carried responsibilities as principals and managers.

Our richness comes from our diversity. And our strength comes from our collaboration. With such a broad base and deep history, we can address collectively all the issues surrounding a firm’s goals, plans, structure, people, and finances. When you work with The Coxe Group, you have access to this entire resource.

Today’s increasingly complex organizations need to be skillfully led and managed to endure. We are proud to be in the forefront of those who have responded to these leadership and management needs and advanced the state of the art.