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Our People

Since the formation of The Coxe Group in 1976, we have remained an organization of about a dozen consultants who work collaboratively to meet the needs of our clients. Our backgrounds are diverse — including past and current architects, authors, professors, technology experts, marketing experts, recruiting specialists, financial advisors, behavioral scientists, and more. We bring a broad range of perspectives, insights and skill sets to every client engagement — sharing a desire to help our clients excel.

We invite you to learn more about our team of consultants.


Diann Craven

Diann Craven has had a highly successful career leading and managing a graphic design and brand strategy firm of which she was a founder. During her tenure, the firm grew to one of the largest and most successful in the region, before divesting her ownership. As president of Clear Direction and a frequent collaborator with The Coxe Group, she brings her considerable talents in leadership development and team building, as well as internal and external brand strategy and brand communication to professional service firms and one large, global corporation (Microsoft), which engages her for leadership development of its brightest and highest potential employees.

Additionally, Diann has taught in leadership programs at the University of Washington and the University of Hong Kong and is on the faculty of Duke Corporate Education.

Simon Goodhead

Simon Goodhead is a principal consultant with The Coxe Group.  Originating in the UK, Simon arrived in the US in 2007.  His design work has taken him from Georgia to Ghana, Illinois to Ireland, and Kansas to Korea.  He enjoys the combination of business and design.  He provides strategic and operational insight that helps clients achieve their potetial.

Simon graduated from the University of Leeds with a BS in Fire Science and the University of Georgia with an MBA through the Executive Program.

Hugh Hochberg

Hugh Hochberg

Recognized as a pioneering force in management consulting for professional service firms, Hugh Hochberg credits his success, at least in part, to a short attention span.

"I'm interested in a lot of different things. I like change — different people, different firms, different issues. That's what makes consulting a good fit for me."

Hugh recognized a passion for architecture and design at an early age. After earning a B.S. and a B.Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he started his own architecture and planning firm. During an economic downturn, he took the opportunity to go to graduate school — earning an MBA from Harvard. After the pomp and circumstance, he re-entered the design world in a management capacity.

After some time, Hugh left the structured office life in favor of consulting. He joined The Coxe Group in 1976, became a partner, and has never left.

Thomas Kvan, PhD

Thomas Kvan

Dr. Thomas Kvan is a consultant with The Coxe Group in addition to serving as Professor of Architecture and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne.

His background is diverse, including a career path that criss-crosses the globe from Asia, to Europe, Africa, the United States and Australia.

"I grew up in a very multi-cultural environment. I formed an appreciation for how cultures approach challenges and opportunities in different ways. This applies to the practice of architecture and engineering — and it has driven my curiosity and engagement in the profession."

Tom first studied architecture at Cambridge, England. Upon graduation, he took an architectural design position in Africa where he spent two years doing sustainable projects in the healthcare sector.