Trust aids retention and performance.

Trust aids retention and performance.

It has been over a year since I re-posted an article about how people will quit if they don’t trust their boss.

Retention is critical for a firm to survive, let alone grow. That is especially the case given the current architectural and engineering hiring markets, the 5-10 year funnel of prospective hires, and the personal buying behaviors of clients. Trusted leaders are essential to achieving that retention.

From a performance perspective employees will perform well for leaders they trust. You won’t hear anyone say, “I don’t trust you, so I will do what it takes to help you succeed.”

A leader’s actions must consistently demonstrate authenticity and transparency in order to earn the trust of employees.

Your people are smart. What is more, your people have their own perception of events and actions. It is largely for that reason that trust can take years to build, and seconds to tear down. Don’t just be mindful of what you say. Be mindful of what you do.